19 Aug 17

Cambridge City

SurnameForename  Reg No LevelCategory Expiry date
 Aldous Simon278146  L1 County31 Aug
Balding Michael 315751 L1Club 31 Aug
 BrookesMark 258283  L1 Club31 Aug
 CattermoleClaire 431815  L1(U)Unass'd  
 CrackHannah 254070 L1 Club31 Aug
 DaviesBen 265156 L1Club 31 Aug
 FarrantJeremy 272803 L1Club 31 Aug
Franks Victoria 293028 L1 Club31 Aug
 GoginRichard 401545 L1 Club 31 Aug
 GordonAlasdair 358201 L1Club31 Aug
 Grimshaw Sam 265519 L1Club 31 Aug
 HarrisRobert 313690 L1Club 31 Aug
 Hayward Rebecca385974L1Club31 Aug 
 Hayward Ross251853 L1 Club31 Aug
 IrelandTim 362339 L1County31 Aug
 LewisRobert 253744 L3National31 Aug
 McKinnellClaire 316220L1 Club 31 Aug
 Mitcham Matthew399148  L1 Club31 Aug 18
Mitcham Michael 251317 L1Club 31 Aug 18
Mulligan Stephen 253646  L1Club 31 Aug
 PerkinsFreddie  387612 L1 Club 31 Aug
 RichardsonAndrew 280586 L1Club 31 Aug
 SaleBen  303988 L1Club31 Aug
 SheahanHolly 386081 L1(U)Unass'd 31 Aug
 SmytheIan 264654  L1Club31 Aug
Tippen Sally 252727  L1Club 31 Aug
Tully Laurel 318839  L1Club 31 Aug
 ValentineNicola 357948 L1 Club31 Aug
Webb Simon 253271  L1 Regional31 Aug
 White Peter282539  L1Club31 Aug
 WilliamsonDouglas 418076  L1(U)Unass'd 31 Aug 
 YoungBradley 363977  L1 Club31 Aug


Registration of Umpires

East League rules require that all umpires officiating in East League matches are registered with a County Umpiring Association. Teams that use unregistered umpires are likely to be penalised. Full details of this rule can be found at:  http://www.east-leagues.co.uk/leagues/leaguerulesCurrent.htm


Umpires registered with Cambridgeshire Umpiring Association are covered by a third party liability insurance policy, limited to £6m. Under the terms of the policy umpires are advised to record details of any incident in which a player receives a serious injury and to pass the details to the Treasurer. 



Umpiring Levels - East League


Club (Unassessed) - can umpire in the following leagues:    EWL 3 and below, EML 4NE, 5NW, 6SE, 5SW and below.

      (Assessment matches -  See East League Rule 5.2 http://www.east-leagues.co.uk/leagues/leaguerulesCurrent.htm )

Club (Assessed) - can umpire in the following leagues:   EWL2 and below, EML3 and below.

County - can umpire EWL1 and below, EML 1 and below.

Regional - Any East League match.

National - Any East League match.


Cambridge City

Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association