CHUA Insurance

 Membership of the Cambs HUA automatically entitles you to Public Liability insurance through the ‘Ecclesiastical’ and you are now covered for £6,000,000. The purpose of this insurance is to provide funds in the, hopefully unlikely, event of someone, either a spectator or player, claiming damages against you for injuries incurred during a game at which you were officiating by alleging incompetence or negligence on your part and you are not covered by any personal insurance cover you might have. CHUA members, who are coaching during a game as well as those who are actually umpiring, are covered by this policy. Please note that this does not cover player coaching where additional insurance will be required.

In most cases the injured person would not consider any form of action but there is always a chance that they may try to obtain some damages through the courts.

There is a very long winded clause that basically says that the insured must first claim from any individual policy they may have on which it would be possible to claim before claiming against Ecclesiastical. As it is most improbable that any personal or sports accident insurance would cover third party damages this clause is largely irrelevant.

One of the conditions of the policy is: -

“The insured shall give to the company as soon as reasonably possible written notice with full particulars of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim.”

If, therefore, during a game at which you are officiating, a player or spectator is injured through rough play and requires a doctor, ambulance or hospital treatment, I must be informed, in writing, as soon as possible. The information which I shall require for the Insurance company, in addition to a brief statement of the facts, will include the names of the two teams and their captains, venue of the game, date and time, the name of your umpiring colleague, the weather conditions, a note of any warning cards previously issued and a comment on the spirit in which the game was being played together with the names of any independent witnesses that may have been present. This is in addition to any ‘Red Card’ forms, which you may have to complete as a result of the incident.

These forms, which are available on-line from England Hockey: - and should be sent to Chris Hillsdon, Tel 01480 842286 or email; within 72 hours of issue if the player is a member of a Cambridgeshire club. For other clubs the form should be sent to their County Disciplinary Offier – contact the President if you are unsure to whom it should be sent.

I appreciate that this may appear rather bureaucratic but if you are sued for damages, every piece of relevant information is vital and I hope that you never have to submit such a report. However, if in doubt please contact me immediately.

Even if you have personal insurance cover that could be claimed against, collecting the above information would be extremely valuable.



CHUA Insurance

Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association