CHUA Membership

There are two levels of membership within the Cambridgeshire Hockey Association:


Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to all Club Umpires (Unassessed), Club Umpires (Assessed), Level 2 and Level 3 umpires upon payment of a small registration fee.



 Active Membership

Active membership is open to all County HUA, Level 2 and Level 3 umpires who currently officiate at EML Division 1 and Division 2 and EWL Division 1.

Travelling expenses are available to those umpires appointed to the Neutral Pool.


Membership Fees.

Membership fees will be notified to umpires, along with an invitation to renew their membership, prior to the start of the winter season.

Umpires that have qualified with other Umpiring Associations may join by contacting the Treasurer, Joan Munns by email -


CHUA Membership

Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association