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CHUA Fixtures and Appointments

Appointments that have changed will have the umpires name struck out.

Where a club is nominated to supply an umpire, the club is to email details of the umpire to the home team and the appointments secretary at least 10 days before the date of the match.


Appointments Oct 19



05 Oct 19  
EML Div 1  
Potters Bar 1:Cambridge City 31515 Dame Alice Owens   Herts & Beds
Cambridge Nomads 1:Bury St Edmunds 1 1230 Coldhams Common   V Hagedorn & J Gordon
Crostyx 1:Cambridge South 1 1430 Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre     Essex 
Wisbech 1:East London 2 1345 Harecroft Road Pitch  I Wilson & P Crack
EML Div 2  
Cambridge City 4:Berkhamsted 11300 Wilberforce Road Sports Ground - Pitch 2  B Harness T Ireland & S Bryden
Harleston Magpies 2:C o P 31330 Harleston Magpies Hockey Club    Norfolk
Horncastle 1:Kettering 11330 Horncaslte Hockey Club    Lincs
St Ives 1:Dereham 21400 Ones Leisure St Ives OutdoorP. Brooker & D Webb
Saffron Walden 2:Wapping 41230 Joyce Frankland Academy O Habibi & B Harness
Cambridge City 3:Colchester 11330 Wilberforce Road Sports Ground - Pitch 1B Moncur & N Wareham S Bryden
Norwich Dragons 1:Wisbech Town 11430 Dragons Den     Norfolk
North Norfolk 1:Cambridge Uni 21130 Cromer Sports Centre    Norfolk
CoP 2:Ipswich-East Suffolk 11300 The Dalrod Sports GroundR Barton & G Wych
St Ives 1:Bury St Edmunds 11230 Ones Leisure St Ives Outdoor  P Brooker D Webb & D Perry
Sudbury 1:St Neots 11215 Great Cornard Sports Centre     Suffolk



12 Oct 19  
EML Div 1  
Cambridge City 3:Wisbech Town 11200 Wilberforce Road - Pitch 2V Hagedorn D Webb & J Gordon
Crostyx 1:Cambridge Nomads 1 1430 Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre    Essex
Cambridge South 1:Potters Bar 1 1330 Long Road Sixth Form College  O Habibi & V Hagedorn D Webb
EML Div 2  
Chelmsford 2:Cambridge City 4    Essex 
C o P 3:Dereham 21130 The Dalrod Sports Ground B Harness & N Manley
Kettering 1:Norwich Dragons 11300 Bishop Stopford SchoolS Bryden & M Jarvis
Long Sutton 1:St Ives 1   Lincs
Blueharts 2:Saffron Walden 21330 Hitchin Boys School   Herts & Beds
Wisbech Town 1:Cambridge City 31345 Harecroft Road PitchJ Wilson & D Williamson
Cambridge Uni 2:Sudbury 11500 Wilberforce Road Sports Ground - Pitch 1 H Wanchoo & L Collins
St Neots 1:CoP 21430 Longsands AcademyD Perry & N Wareham
North Norfolk 1:St Ives 11130  Cromer Sports Centre    Norfolk



19 Oct 19  
EML Div 1  
Wapping 3:Cambridge City 3   Essex
Cambridge Nomads 1:Bishops Stortford 1 1230 Coldhams Common   O Habibi H Wanchoo & J Gordon
Wisbech 1:Cambridge South 1 1200 Harecroft Road Pitch  D Webb & V Hagedorn
EML Div 2  
Cambridge City 4:Wapping 41330 Wilberforce Road Sports Ground - Pitch 2  V Hagedorn S Mulligan & L Collins
St Ives 1:C o P 31400 Ones Leisure St Ives Outdoor B Harness & J Phagoora S Mulligan
Harleston Magpies 2:Kettering 11330 Harleston Magpies Hockey Club   Norfolk
Saffron Walden 2:Felixstowe 11230 Joyce Frankland Academy M Brookes & O Habibi
Cambridge City 3:Ipswich-East Suffolk 11100 Wilberforce Road Sports Ground - Pitch 3S Dewing & M Dewing F Borland & N Wareham (Coach - D Roberts)
City of Peterborough 2:Cambridge Uni 21600 The Dalrod Sports Ground R Taylor-Jackson E BatesJ Gordon & V Hagedorn D Carter K Shah
St Ives 1:Colchester 11230 Ones Leisure St Ives Outdoor   B Harness & I Bell
Norwich Dragons 1:St Neots 11300 Dragons Den    Norfolk

Bury St Edmunds 1:Wisbech Town 1

 1200 Culford Hockey Centre    Suffolk



26 Oct 19  
EML Div 1  
Cambridge City 3:West Herts 21400 Wilberforce Road - Pitch 2 M Stevens & H Wanchoo
Potters Bar 1:Cambridge Nomads 1 1515 Dame Alice Owens    Herts & Beds 
Cambridge South 1:Wapping 3 1500 Long Road Sixth Form College  H Wanchoo O Habibi & D Webb
Crostyx 1:Wisbech 1 1430 Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre    Essex 
EML Div 2  
Blueharts 2:Cambridge City 41130 Blueharts Hockey Club   Herts & Beds
University of East Anglia Men 1:C o P 31300 UEA Sportspark Astro   Norfolk 
Kettering 1:Dereham 21300 Bishop Stopford School B Harness & I Wilson
Norwich City 2:St Ives 11430 Taverham Recreation Facilities   Norfolk
Harpenden 1:Saffron Walden 21200 Woollams   Herts & Beds
St Neots 1:Cambridge City 31430 Longsands AcademyN Wareham & R 'Scouser' Lloyd
Cambridge Uni 2:Norwich Dragons 11300 Wilberforce Road Sports Ground - Pitch 1D Perry & O Habibi
North Norfolk 1:CoP 21130 Cromer Sports Centre    Norfolk
Sudbury 1:St Ives 11215 Great Cornard Sports Centre     Suffolk
Wisbech Town 1:Colchester 11345 Harecroft Road Pitch  S Bryden & P Crack


Oct 2019

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