Neutral Pool Umpiring

CHUA Fixtures and Appointments

Appointments that have changed will have the umpires name struck out.

Where a club is nominated to supply an umpire, the club is to email details of the umpire to the home team and the appointments secretary at least 10 days before the date of the match.


Appointments Sep 21



18 Sep 21  
EML Div 1  
Spalding:Bourne Deeping   
Cambs City 3:Sudbury   
Cambs Uni 2:Cambs South   
Harleston Magpies 2:Cambs Nomads 1   Norfolk
UEA: Wisbech   Norfolk
Cambs South:Wisbech
Cambridge Uni 2:St Neots
CoP 2:UEA  
St Ives:N Norfolk 
 Watton:Cambs City 3    Norfolk 



25 Sep 21  
EML Div 1  
Bourne Deeping:UEA
Cambs South:Bury St Edmunds
Cambs Nomads:Spalding
Sudbury 1:Cambs Uni 2   Suffolk
Wisbech:Cambridge City 3
Cambridge City 3:Cambridge South  
Wisbech:Cambridge Uni 2:   
St Neots:C o P 2
Bury St Edmunds:St Ives    Suffolk


Sep 21

Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association