Umpire Training and Development


Umpire Pathway

Umpires are now trained and developed in accordance with the guidelines issued by England Hockey.

Details of these guidelines can be found at:


Umpire Training


Stage 1

Club Umpire Introductory

Log on to England Hockey Rules Education Testing Site

Complete Rules Test


Level 1 Umpire Tutor: Mark Jarvis -

Stage 2

Club Umpires Unassessed

Attend and pass a Level 1 Umpire Award Course.

See:  Umpire Level 1 Course

Take out membership of CHUA. This is a requirement of East League should you wish to umpire League matches and provides Third Party Insurance cover

You are now ready to start umpiring for your club

 Stage 3



Club Umpire Assessed

Umpire 3 matches for your club, getting your umpire record card signed each time.

Contact the CHUA Level 1 Co-ordinator (R Munns 01354 653714) and arrange for an assessment.

Once passed, submit your umpire record card to the Level 1 Co-ordinator to obtain your England Hockey Umpires registration.

Continue to be a member of CHUA


Umpire Development


Having gained experience at your club it is now time to progress your umpiring qualification.


Stage 1


County HUA Umpires 

Join the CHUA Neutral Pool and accept appointments for matches at Div 1 and Div 2 level.

You will now receive coaching and assessment by trained coaches within CHUA

Once you are deemed ready for the next level you will be recommended to Eastern Region Umpires Association for advancement.

Continue to be a member of CHUA

Stage 2


Regional HUA Umpires 

You will be invited by East Region Hockey Umpires Association (ERHUA) to umpire an assessment match in Div Premier B or EWL Premier.

Upon passing the assessment you will be awarded your Level 2 qualification and invited to become a member of ERHUA with appointments to suitable matches.

You will receive further training and assessment to prepare you for the next level.

Once you are deemed ready for the next level you will be recommended to The National Programme Umpires Association for advancement.

Continue your membership of CHUA

Stage 3


National Programme Umpires



Once you have been assessed as ready to progress to the next level, ERHUA will nominate you to the National Programme Umpires Association (NPUA) and you will be invited to attend anassessment match.

If you are deemed to be of the required standard you will be awarded your Level 3 Umpires Award and invited to join NPUA.

Continue your membership of CHUA.


Umpire Training

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